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Solar Water Heater

All DC Inverter Technology to Improve Compression Efficiency
All DC inverter compressor and high-performance high pressure chamber are adopted to reduce loss of overheat and improve compression efficiency from direct intake. Compared with low pressure chamber, the compression efficiency is improved. High-efficiency permasyn motor is adopted to provide better performance than traditional DC inverter compressor.

vacuum tubes

Detail Product Description

Vacuum tube assimilate the advanced 12 layers od spattering deposition of trivalent element technology to make the tube has high performance of absorptance and low reflection ratio.

It also can stand up to high temperatures and perform a strong heating ability. And improve the deposition layer’s structure through add rare metal to enhance the effect photosensitive reaction, the absorbing rate of vacuum tube up to 0.96. Absorbing rate can be raise over 16% than 180cm vacuum tube. So it can be heat if cloudy.


The vacuum tube is made of high borosilicate glass. In the inner wall, there’re 12 layer selective absorbing coating.

These make vacuum tubes have high performance of absorptance and low reflection ratio. Through the interlayer, vacuum has a unique effect of thermo, with its temperature up to 380 of idle sunning, performance a strong heating ability.

A perfect combination of the vacuum tube and the heat pipe
Higher heat efficiency
Wide applicable range
tube work independently
The unique connection

Higher heat efficiency: advanced heat transferring style of the heat pipe, excellent selective absorptive coating and perfect combination with high vacuum heat preservation

Wide applicable range: as the heat pipe has less heat capacity, it can be started quickly even under cloudy day and collect heat effectively. It can work normally even subzero 30 degrees. As no water in the vacuum tube, it can effectively prevent lowing of heat efficiency due to frost cracking.

Each individual tube can work independently, and the whole machine can still work if any of individual tube is damaged. The service life of the heat pipe can be longer than 15 years.

The unique connection between the heat pipe and the vacuum tube can ensure both sealing and glass vacuum tube damaged.